Tuesday, March 8, 2011

"Rustic" New Metal Roof in California

It can be quite difficult to get a new metal roof to look like an old metal roof with most of the materials on the market today. Every metal roof manufacturer expends great effort to make their material as absolutely consistent as possible and as corrosion resistant as modern metal production can create. For so many applications, these qualities are a high priority for end users. However, there is a certain class of project where these attributes are secondary to the objective. In the case of this re-roof with metal in the East Bay area of San Francisco, California, the owners were renovating the barn, stable and pump house on the property and wanted a metal standing seam roof. Along with the lines of a vertical panel roof material, they also wanted a rustic finish consistent with the old buildings. They were trying to avoid installing a new metal roof that would like too slick and shiny, but they weren't too anxious to compromise performance either.

We were able to offer them our standing seam profile in "Old Barn Tin." This is a type of zinc-coated steel roof material that has a bare zinc alloy on the weathering side. It starts out slightly irregular and ages over time to a dull, zinc-gary color. Unlike common galvanized steel, "Old Barn Tin" is much darker and duller giving the appearance of being "old" when just
newly installed. Although it doesn't have a warranty because it is unfinished metal, in a dry climate like Northern California this material will have a life span measuring in the decades.
Just down the street there are 40-year old farm buildings with less sophisticated galvanized steel roofs that have been doing the job for nearly 50 years. This one should outperform any of those as it has a much more advanced fastening system and superior metallurgy.

So, for a modern solution to the desire to "look old" without going to an exotic metal like copper or solid zinc, our "Old Barn Tin" standing seam roof is about a perfect a solution as can be had. And the price is right, too.

Get more information about our standing seam roofing in "Old Barn Tin" here.

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